My Research

My research agenda sits at the nexus of Organizational Theory and the Economics of Innovation/Economics of Science . In the early stages of my career I studied diversity among organizations. I studied the emergence of new organizations in two different contexts, market partition and market failure. Studying diversity among organizations led me to become curious about diversity within organizations. Iíve chosen academia as my organization of choice and investigated the knowledge production and knowledge transfer processes. The first question guiding my research is how individuals, in this case PhDs, singularly or in teams, contribute to knowledge production. Once knowledge is produced it is interesting to see how and where it moves. The second question Iíve considered is how and where these PhDs take the knowledge via their career choices.

So far in my career Iíve been awarded two grants that have supported my research. Early in my career, I was awarded a Fellowship for Mobility Grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF). This grant allowed me to spend two years at Emory Business School, in Atlanta, Georgia, where I was able to create an international network and publish a paper on organization theory in the American Sociological Review.

In 2013, Dominique Foray, my boss at EPFL, and I applied for and were awarded a two-year grant from the SNSF that supported my research in the area of Economics of Science. This grant resulted in three publications.

Publications in Organizational Theory
Publications in Economics of Science
Working papers