My Research Network

I am fortunate to be part of a network of co-authors that extends over two continents and encompasses four countries: the United States, France, Belgium and Switzerland.

In the U.S., I am privileged to collaborate with Paula Stephan, and Julia Lane, both leaders in the field of Economics of Science. At Emory University in Atlanta I collaborate with Professors Anand Swaminathan and Giacomo Negro. Assistant Professor Annamaria Conti, of the Scheller Business School of Georgia Tech University, is my most established co-author.

In France I collaborate with Jacques Mairesse, Economist at Centre de Researche en Economie et Statistique (CREST), Michele Pezzoni, Assistant Professor at the University of Nice and Marianna Marino, Assistant Professor at the University of Lorraine.

In Switzerland I collaborate with Dominique Foray, Charles Ayoubi, Stefano Baruffaldi, Monica Coffano, Gaétan de Rassenfosse, Viviana Munoz and Orion Penner, all at the EPFL in Lausanne.

In Belgium I collaborate with Reinhilde Veugelers.

Something I value: Staying connected!