About Me

Before joining UNU-MERIT, I had the opportunity to study and work in several places: Venice where I got my PhD at Ca’ Foscari University, Lugano and Atlanta where I spent a couple of years as Postdoc at the University of Lugano and Emory University, and Lausanne where I worked as Senior Research fellow at EPFL. Finally, I am back in an EU country! My work relates mainly to the investigation of knowledge production and transfer. Focusing on academia, as one of the main loci of knowledge production, I investigate the activity of scientists working alone or in teams. For example, I study the scientists’ publishing activity identifying what affects scientists’ outcomes and what stimulates their learning when collaborating with peers. I dedicate part of my research to explore what the effects are of scientists’ fundraising activity and what the benefits are of receiving grants. Once knowledge is produced, it has to transfer to benefit the society. Besides analyzing the production of scientific papers, I analyze careers and individual mobility as important events promoting knowledge transfer among universities and between university and industry. Follow @visentinf79

Where I’ve Studied and Worked