During my career I have always integrated teaching and research. I had my first teaching experience while I was working on my Master’s thesis. My supervisor was looking for a teaching assistant for her Strategic Management course. I took the challenge and it turned out to be an incredible experience! I helped students to develop their business ideas and formalize them in a business plan. It was my first teaching experience and I realized that students can be very creative!

During my graduate studies, I had several opportunities to teach. I taught a course called Principles of Economics, a core course for undergraduates in the Economics Department at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice. While visiting in Lugano, I had the opportunity to teach an Entrepreneurship course. This course, which was part of their MBA program, once again involved helping students to develop their business ideas.

After I finished my PhD, I returned to the University of Lugano and taught PhD classes on specific topics including Network Analysis and Econometrics. Currently, at the EPFL I am leading PhD reading seminars in Organizational Economics and within the EuroTech doctoral program, I am one of the lecturers for the Economics of Innovation and Technological Change course.

You can find my teaching statement here.